Ethereum Price News

A large number of investors have started taking note of Ethereum (ETH), as the project created by Russian developer Vitalik Buterin has every possibility to compete with Bitcoin (BTC). ETH’s price directly depends on demand. At the beginning, few people were interested in Ethereum, as its price had only risen from $2 to $8 by 2017 and because the platform was developed by a relatively young specialist. Despite this, in 2017 alone, the price of Ethereum increased by over 100-fold and reached its maximum value of $829,99 in December 2017. According to some experts, ETH is one of the most widely spread and well-known anonymous digital currencies that allows for all kinds of operations, and thus the interest in the cryptocoin will only grow and Ethereum’s value will continue to increase. Usually, Ethereum’s price chart is shown in the ratio of ETH to USD as the latter is considered to be the most stable among fiat currencies.