Ledger News

A ledger has two different meanings regarding cryptocurrency and blockchain. The first is about distributed ledger technology (DLT) — the technology of storing information that has such features as collaborative use and synchronization of digital data via consensus algorithms, geographic distribution of equivalent shares of a distributed ledger all over the world and the absence of a central administration. It is frequently confused that DLT and blockchain are the same thing. While it’s true that every blockchain is a distributed ledger, not every distributed ledger is a blockchain. Besides that, ledger can also refer to Ledger, a company producing offline hardware Bitcoin wallets which can be connected to PC via USB port and provide a wide range of services related to cryptocurrency.

Imajte na umu da sve strategije trgovanja treba da se koriste na sopstveni rizik. Pre trgovanja, preporučujemo da budete sigurni da imate jasno razumevanje kriptovaluta i kako se njima trguje.

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