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Bitcoin (BTC) was invented to challenge the hegemonic order of global finance, so naturally, it has had a tense relationship with regulators since its early days. The technical and social roots of cryptocurrency largely stem from communities with a deep distrust of the state. From its design to its driving narratives, crypto is a dissident technology. 

The legality of cryptocurrencies is an ongoing debate. While some institutions are trying to situate them within finance rather than keep them out, many governments are still discussing topics including consumer protection legislation, tax regulation, launching institutional investment vehicles such as exchange-traded funds, known as ETFs, and even building central bank digital currencies, otherwise known as CBDCs. 

The challenge and concern around Bitcoin and cryptocurrency regulation is how patchwork legislation across jurisdictions may hinder the growth and maturation of the crypto economy that is intended to be a borderless, open financial system. 

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Švajcarska Uprava za nadzor finansijskog tržišta (FINMA) je objavila smernice o regulatornim zahtevima za plaćanja na blokčeinu pod nazorom FINMA-e.
Švajcarski regulator objavljuje AML i KYC smernice za blokčein plaćanja
Marie Huillet
Čini se da se Libra fokusira na razvoj stejblkoina koji ima fiksnu cenu zahvaljujući skupu različitih valuta.
Libra - globalna valuta ili remetilac monetarne politike?
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